About Us

For over four decades, the Humboldt-Institut has brought together students from all over the world, whose common goal is to learn German.

Many of those students come to Germany with the aim of attending a boarding school, where they can graduate with the Abitur and study at a university in Germany afterwards.

In 2011, the Humboldt-Institut established the Humboldt Boarding School Lindenberg in order to provide those students with the best possible school education and at the same time to offer them a second home, as they are used to from their German courses.

Our Team

The boarding school students in Lindenberg are supported and looked after by a well-coordinated team in all important areas of life.

Counseling & Administration at Ratzenried Castle

Portrait Kim Kluckhohn

Kim Kluckhohn
Academic Director

Kathrin Heiden
Personal Assistant to the Academic Director

Humboldt-Institut Lindenberg

Portrait Anika Schadtle

Anika Schadtle
Head of the Institute

Portrait Stephan Kießling

Stephan Kießling
Head of the Boarding Home

Humboldt Boarding Home Lindenberg

Portrait placeholder

Andrea Neher
Boarding Home Teacher

Portrait Marei Kühn

Marei Kühn
Pedagogical Assistant


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