Boarding Home

Life at the Humboldt Boarding Home Lindenberg

Our students are accommodated in the boarding home of the Humboldt-Institut in Lindenberg. Both the attractive infrastructure of the residential campus and the individual care and attention given to the students guarantee a swift integration into everyday life.

Living and learning at the Humboldt Boarding School with its international, cosmopolitan and open-minded atmosphere enriches not only our students' achievements at school but also their personal and social development. Especially international students will benefit from the continued language support even after they have finished their German course with us.

The Humboldt boarding home is situated on a small hill in a beautiful park, both of which belong to the private school premises of the Humboldt-Institut. The breathtaking scenery with the view over the Alps and the picturesque town of Lindenberg amazes students and visitors at all seasons. Our spacious school premises provide security and safety for our students away from busy streets and traffic. The city center of Lindenberg however is just a 10-minute walk away.

Services in the Boarding Home

  • Comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms
  • Full board (3 main meals and fruit throughout the day)
  • Organized leisure & excursion program
  • Full-day supervision – also during school holidays
  • Individual tutoring until the Abitur
The main building with classrooms and student rooms.


Our students live in twin rooms with en-suite facilities. Students of the final school year can ask for a single room, so that they can prepare themselves for the Abitur exams with the greatest possible attention.

All rooms enjoy a wonderful view, overlooking either the Alps or the forest. The furniture is modern, practical and at the same time friendly.

The 360° panorama gives a first impression of the student rooms.

The boarding home is also open during school holidays - with the exception of the summer holidays - and students are supervised continuously.

Full Board

Our chef and the kitchen team experience cooking for young people for many years and thus have developed a keen sense of our students' needs. They make sure to serve food which is tasty, healthy, well-balanced and rich in vitamins so that the quality of their cuisine is well-above standard of comparable institutions. All meals are prepared exclusively from fresh ingredients, no processed foods or ready-made meals will be served.

We will, of course, also take into account our students' timetables at school, offering them for instance packed lunches on days when they have to stay at school at noontime and thus cannot come home for lunch.

Academic Support

The boarding school routines include regular remedial classes in German as a foreign language, supporting lessons in selected school subjects, homework supervision and more. These offers are tailored to the students' needs and take into account each student's weekly schedule and academic performance.

In addition to homework and study times, there are regular plenary assemblies, round tables and individual talks to discuss problems, wishes and concerns of the students with a contact person in charge. These regular conversations play an important role in both encouraging each student's individual responsibility and strengthening the boarding school community.

Thanks to the close interaction between students, boarding home teachers and educators our students are optimally supported and accompanied on their way towards the Abitur in the best possible way.

Remedial tuition in small groups

Offers for International Students

The Humboldt Boarding School welcomes students from all over the world who wish to graduate with the Abitur (= university entrance certificate) in Germany. International students should have a good educational background in their home country and demonstrate a great willingness to learn and perform, so that they can successfully follow classes at the Lindenberg Gymnasium.

Fundamental for all international students who wish to attend a German secondary school is a sufficient knowledge of the German language. The minimum prerequisite for admission to the Lindenberg Gymnasium is the successful completion of the Humboldt-Institut's level B2 followed by a special school transition course.

From the Humboldt-Institut to the Humboldt Boarding School

  1. International students start with an intensive German language course at the Humboldt-Institut. Depending on their previous active language knowledge and their performance in the Humboldt German course it takes between 5 and 25 weeks to learn the German language in our small classes with 11 students on average.

  2. After their general German course students will take a 5-week school transition course with a special focus on topics and terminology for most school subjects.

  3. After the successful completion of level B2 and the school transition course students will be integrated into a class at the Lindenberg Gymnasium which corresponds to their age and their level or proficiency.

Support for International Students at the Humboldt Boarding School

The specific language support for international students does not end with the transfer to the Lindenberg Gymnasium. Despite profound German language knowledge there is still a major difference to native speakers. To use their German skills actively in all subjects students need both, continuous personal commitment and ongoing academic support. The Humboldt Boarding School builds this support on two principles:

Personal Support
In the boarding home our international students will receive the necessary support in all academic and extracurricular affairs from the very beginning. Our staff will be in regular contact with the Lindenberg Gymnasium and will thus be informed about the level of performance of our boarders and possible problems at school. They will also participate in school events like parent-teacher days. We will assist our students in coordinating their schedules or signing up for elective subjects or study groups at school.

Supplementary German Classes
Our international students will receive continuous supplementary classes for German as a foreign language after they have entered the Lindenberg Gymnasium. In one-to-one or group tuition we will help them to overcome deficits and train school-specific requirements for the subject "German" as well as specific vocabulary and terminology for other school subjects. The supplementary classes will be consistent with the curriculum of the Gymnasium and at the same time taking into consideration the individual achievements of our students. The goal of these supplementary German classes is an even better integration into the native-speaker classes at school, helping students to meet the linguistic requirements at the Gymnasium step by step and supporting them with a specific language training and assistance in each grade until they graduate with the Abitur.

Bicycle tour: Bicycle tours are part of the varied leisure program

Leisure Activities and Cultural Program

Leisure activities are an important addition to everyday school life. During their leisure time our students can use the facilities of the boarding home (e.g., the gym, diverse leisure rooms, the piano). Additionally, there are organized activities and working groups inside the boarding home as well as activities and excursions in the surroundings of Lindenberg.

Another important aspect of the activity program is the integration into the social life of Lindenberg. We attach great importance to the fact that each new boarding student pursues a leisure activity (sports, music, etc.) in a club in order to find friends and socialize with others outside of the boarding school. Membership in a club or an association is usually chargeable, but these costs are very manageable.

Our team is on hand to offer advice and assistance and to motivate the students to participate in social life, taking into consideration the students' interests, talents and preferences.

Please find some examples for the various leisure activities offered in the boarding home and its surroundings:

Inside the Boarding Home (Indoor Activities)

  • Sports hall (e.g., badminton, basketball, volleyball, football, hockey)
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Recreation hall with billiard, table football and table tennis
  • Party room / disco
  • Piano
  • Kitchen (to be used only under supervision)

On Campus (Outdoor Activities)

  • Sports field (e.g., football, handball, basketball, volleyball)
  • Forest (e.g., for field games, outdoor education)
  • Large sports ground (with football field)
  • Minigolf

Clubs and Activities in Lindenberg

  • Allstyle-Jitsu
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Choir
  • Football
  • Music school (e.g., singing, violin, guitar, piano, drums)
  • Swimming
  • Table tennis

Working Groups (in the Boarding Home)

  • Football „FC Humboldt“
  • Arts
  • Gardening
  • Spanish Club

Seasonal Leisure Activities

  • Mountain biking
  • Swimming lake
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Ice skating
  • Tobogganing
  • Snowshoe hiking

Cultural Activities

  • Excursion program
  • Theater visits
  • Student projects


There are regular excursions and boarding school trips for our students, including special weekend trips at the beginning and at the end of the school year. During those boarding school trips existing and new students get to know each other better, pass on their experiences and the social coherence in the boarding school community is strengthened. Alumni also come to visit regularly and pass on their experiences from their university studies.


Kathrin Heiden
Personal Assistant to the Academic Director