Educational Approach

A Second Home

For boarding school students teachers, educators and classmates are like a second family. At the same time classmates and roommates become friends. And don’t you agree that in a family environment, in which you feel comfortable, you are able to show the greatest possible commitment and motivation?

School performance as well as social skills develop best in an environment of harmony and fair interaction among each other.

This is exactly what the Humboldt Boarding School Lindenberg aspires to:
We want to offer students of all nationalities and origins, who are willing to get involved with an active school and social life, the best possible environment and the best conditions for a successful school education.

At the same time, we focus on each student’s personal development with regard to a responsible, independent but also cooperative life.

We share the opinion of the school management of the Lindenberg Gymnasium that it is not enough to bring students to the doorsteps of university with a passed Abitur. Our common goal is to open this door and pave the way for students to enter university being well prepared for a successful future both academically and personally.

There are further funding opportunities especially for international students who want to attend the Lindenberg Borading School.

Academic Support in the Boarding School

At the Lindenberg Gymnasium our boarding students are cared for academically in the best possible way. The Humboldt management team is informed about school performances on a regular basis, so that any kind of problem can be recognized and solved early.

It goes without saying that not only at school but also in the Humboldt boarding home all students are provided with ongoing academic and educational support until the Abitur.

On the page Humboldt Boarding Home you will find further information on academic support inside the boarding home and especially on support for international students.

Even in winter there are numerous recreational opportunities around Lindenberg, such as skiing in one of the nearby ski areas. Excursions outside Lindenberg are offered regularly, such as here to Bregenz with the famous open-air stage of the Bregenz Festival

Life in the Boarding School

During their leisure time our students can use the facilities of the boarding home (e.g., the gym, diverse leisure rooms, the piano). Additionally, there are plenty of recreational offers and leisure activities in the boarding home, in the town of Lindenberg and in the surroundings, which will be organized by our educator team and conducted together with the group of boarding students.

Our team is also engaged to integrate the students into the social daily life of Lindenberg in order to make acquaintances and social contacts outside the school and boarding home. For example - depending on their personal interest - students can join a local sports club, a choir, an orchestra or another institution of social life. Our staff will be ready to offer advice and assistance and motivate our students to participate in extracurricular activities.

You can find more information about leisure activities at Humboldt Boarding Home.


Kathrin Heiden
Personal Assistant to the Academic Director