The Lindenberg Gymnasium at a Glance

The Lindenberg Gymnasium (grades 5-13) offers two educational branches, one oriented towards languages and one towards natural sciences.

The Gymnasium aims at an excellent school education and at the same time teaches students commitment, tolerance and personal responsibility. It is not only academic skills, talents and the willingness to perform which are promoted in the school community but also a strong sense for social responsibility, environmental awareness and respect.

The curriculum corresponds to that of Bavarian secondary schools and is geared towards imparting a comprehensive general education as well as the skills necessary for successful university studies. The lessons should help to recognize the students' strengths, to support them in case of existing weaknesses and thus to educate them to become independent and responsible personalities.

The focus in the upper levels (grades 12 and 13) lies on a targeted and intensive preparation for future studies and work. The so-called W-Seminar and P-Seminar play an important role in this process. Methodological skills are deepened and at the same time the students gain practical experience outside the daily school routines.

Offers at School

  • Large range of elective courses, study groups and workshops
  • Higher education and career guidance with the W-Seminar and P-Seminar
  • Student conflict mediation team
  • Students' medical service
  • International student exchange programs (e.g., France, Spain, Hungary, USA)
  • Study trips
  • Orchestra and big band
  • Theater group
  • Humboldt remedial classes during free periods at school
School building: The building and the school yard of the Lindenberg grammar school.

Characteristics and Bilingual Track

As a public school the Lindenberg Gymnasium teaches according to the rules and regulations of the Bavarian Ministry of Education. Bavarian secondary schools provide one of the highest education standards in Germany. Quality, fairness and individual support are guidelines of the Bavarian educational policy.

Moreover, the Lindenberg Gymnasium offers a bilingual track, in which one of the subjects geography, history or economics is taught in English per school year from grade 7 onwards. This development illustrates the increasing internationalization of the school as well as the professional and personal dedication and commitment of the school administrators, which especially and foremost is to the benefit of the school's new Humboldt boarding students.

Educational Focus and Characteristics

  • Support for student research (multiple awards in youth research competitions)
  • Study groups and workshops in music (choirs, orchestra, big band), art and theater
  • Use of digital media inside the classroom
A concentrated atmosphere reigns in the classroom.

Language Program

The students of the Lindenberg Gymnasium can choose between two different branches with different emphasis on subjects. This choice also influences the order of foreign languages.

Branch of Languages

  • 1st foreign language: English, starting in grade 5
  • 2nd foreign language: French or Latin, starting in grade 6
  • 3rd foreign language: Spanish, starting in grade 8

Branch of Natural Sciences

  • 1st foreign language: English, starting in grade 5
  • 2nd foreign language: French or Latin, starting in grade 6
  • Chemistry, physics (intensified) in grade 8
  • IT, physics (intensified), chemistry (intensified) in grade 9 and 10

All other compulsory subjects are identical for both branches.

International students will receive tuition in German as a foreign language (level C1/C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference) as part of the support program for Humboldt boarding students. This aims at a lasting improvement of the students' performances in all school subjects.

Students solve a task together.

Timetables & Schedules

Please find examples of school timetables in different classes and the connection with supporting offers inside the boarding home. Study times as well as leisure and cultural offers in the afternoons and on weekends are also listed. Please note that these schedules are only examples and each student's weekly schedule will vary.