At the Lindenberg boarding school, students from all over the world live and learn together in a diverse boarding school community.
In the museum: a variety of excursions offer diversion and supplement to the everyday school life.
Sports activities: The Allgäu region and the Bavarian Alps offer a wide range of options for sports and leisure activities for our students.
Cheese factory: Excursion with a guide to one of the numerous cheese dairies in the Allgäu. This is an example on how the students learn outside of class.
Snowshoeing: The schedule also contains outdoor education in winter, like here on a snowshoe tour in the Allgäu.
Neuschwanstein Castle: International friendships from students from all over the world are a normal part of the Lindenberg boarding school life.
Our Lindenberg graduates: Successful graduates with the Abitur can then study at a university in Germany.

The Humboldt Boarding School in Lindenberg offers students from all over the world a second home in Germany.

We provide young students with a well-founded education at the Lindenberg Gymnasium and offer a family atmosphere at the Humboldt boarding home.

This combination makes an important contribution to our students' personal and social development and prepares them for the demands of a modern world of work and life.

With the Abitur at the Lindenberg Gymnasium students have every opportunity to study at a university in Germany.

The Lindenberg Boarding School is centrally located between the international airports of Munich and Zurich and close to Memmingen and Friedrichshafen airports.

At a Glance

Please find the most important figures and information about the Lindenberg Gymnasium and the Humboldt boarding home.


  • Since 2011

  • 17 nationalities

  • Average final grade of 2,4

  • Management team, boarding home teacher team, educator team

The Lindenberg Gymnasium

  • Gymnasium (G9), grades 5 - 13

  • Two educational branches: Branch of languages or branch of natural sciences

  • Bilingual track (eligible from grade 7)

  • Large range of elective courses and study groups

  • Student support

The Humboldt Boarding Home

  • Comfortable rooms with en-suite bathrooms

  • Full board (3 main meals plus fruit throughout the day)

  • Individual tutoring until the Abitur

  • Full-day supervision – also during school holidays

  • Large variety of leisure activities



Kathrin Heiden
Personal Assistant to the Academic Director